Headquartered in Silicon Valley, AccelG2M leverages proven experience in rapid revenue acceleration to assist technology companies. Our executive focus provides active engagement with the CEO and executive team to help maximize their individual and collective contributions to the Company's Go-to-Market execution.
We Accelerate Company Performance
The CEO will gain a clear and detailed understanding of:
  • The Effectiveness of the Sales Organization
  • Sales Process and Methodology
  • How Sales Are Being Supported by the Company
  • Options for the Company to Optimize Their Success
  • Product Market Fit and Go to Market Misalignment
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We Increase Valuation of the Company
  • Optimize the Productivity of Sales
  • Improve the Skills of the Go to Market Team
  • Improve Product Market Fit and Go to Market Alignment
  • Align Executive Team Around Key Performance Metrics
We Assist with Financing and M&A
  • Fundraising Strategy, Positioning, Targets, and Assistance
  • M&A Targets, Positioning, Negotiation Assistance, and Execution
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